JITH coolers

Can I bring a cooler into the venue?

Unlike most events, Jamboree In The Hills allows you to bring in your own food and beverages.

Cooler Size:

The maximum cooler size allowed is 48”long by 30” wide by 24” deep. Coolers that are larger in size will NOT be permitted through the gates. The maximum length and width also applies to carts that are used for transporting coolers. The maximum height for ALL carts is 37” (with the coolers on them).

All Malt Based Beverages (BEER ONLY) is permitted through the gates. Hard liquor is not allowed, which also includes any mixed cocktail that contains liquor. All beverages brought into the venue must be factory sealed and in a plastic or aluminum can. Any drink that is questionable will be confiscated at the gate and not returned.