There are port-a-jons throughout the grounds for your convenience. Shower trailers in all Jambo Country Campgrounds will be available to all campers – the best part and NEW FOR THIS YEAR...they are FREE!!

Water Stations

There are water filling stations located at Gate #1 and Gate #2.

Please arrive with a full tank. Temporary water tanks and trucks are on site for your convenience. Campers requiring water tanks filled for free may leave notes in their windshields: "Need Water." Service is limited. Water will not be provided for swimming pools, truck beds, etc. unless all camping units have been serviced. NO hot tubs or Jacuzzis will be permitted into the campgrounds. Please do not bathe in any of the temporary water tank areas. Please note that if you place a “Need Water” sign in front of your camper, and you are not present, that you release Jambo Country, Live Nation, its employees and contractors of all liability.

Cooling Station

We also offer a cooling station and mist tent for those hot days, inside the concert venue at the top of the hill.