Our Jamboree campers are some of our most loyal fans…the folks that keep coming back….5…10…15 years to the greatest country music festival of the year!

When the speakers go silent and the spotlights go dim, the Jamboree In The Hills party moves to our official campgrounds!

We do offer hotel packages for those of you who do not enjoy the outdoor life but for those fans who do, we feel there is no other way to get the full Jamboree experience than to camp at Jamboree In The Hills!

Year after year, in pop up tents to plush motor homes, fans return to our Jamboree campgrounds. They come for the music, the food, the fun, the drink and the friendships they’ve built with Jamboree fans from far and wide. Some fans calling it camping but most of our fans call it home!

Jamboree In The Hills has approximately 2500 on-site “primitive” camping spaces that are 20x40 in size and fully licensed and inspected by the Ohio Department of Health. All campgrounds are extremely open and rolling fields with limited gravel road access. All persons camping in or utilizing Jamboree In The Hills campground facilities do so at their own risk. No liability is assumed by owners, managers, promoters, sponsors or others.

In addition to general camping we also offer reserved sites, Jambo Glam and full electric hookup sites!

Reserved camping is available on a renewal basis. We offer 180 reserved spots, located in campground B, which guarantees those not arriving early to have a premier camping spot. These spots are 20X50 with no hookups and are allowed 1 camping unit and as many tents as you can fit on the site. All renewals must be completed by November 20, 2016. Those not renewed will be open for sale on November 30, 2016 to the general public. General Camping is located on-site in Campground A, B, C, D & E. Camping spaces are 20X40 with no hookups. You are only permitted to have 1 camping unit or 2 tents on each site.

We encourage our patrons to purchase camping prior to arrival at Jamboree In The Hills as we cannot guarantee that camping will still be available for purchase. If camping is still available, please follow all signage to Jamboree In The Hills on-site camping and you may purchase your ticket at the camping gate.

Jamboree In The Hills are parked in the order that they arrive. On Monday morning campers will be parked in the following order, Campground B, Campground C and then Campground A. Tent City will open on Tuesday morning and Campgrounds D & E will be parked beginning on Wednesday.

Jamboree In The Hills campgrounds open on the Monday prior to the event 8am Admittance into the campgrounds runs from 8am to 8 pm, Monday through Friday and 8 am until NOON on Saturday. Please arrive during these specified loading hours. Overnight parking along public roads is not permitted until 6am each day. Please follow the signs located along the highways as you near the site. Campers are parked in the order they arrive. If you want to park with friends, you must arrive together.

Upon your arrival, you will receive one camping permit for each camping ticket purchased. This camping permit must be displayed on the camping unit. Arrive only in the vehicle(s) which require Camping Permit stickers. Any camping unit towing a trailer will require two camping permits. Cargo, flatbed and utility trailers will not be permitted, unless towed by a normal passenger vehicle.

Only one motorized vehicle is permitted for each space, except any vehicle pulling another licensed motor vehicle with a legal tow bar. No tents are permitted with self-contained camping units. If you are camping in a tent, you are allowed a maximum of two tents per site. All tents will be required to have an official Jamboree In The Hills tag attached at all times to the outside zipper pull. Each tent found not having an official tag will be charged the full gate price for camping (no exceptions will be made).

To keep your reserved space, camping units which leave the site, must return prior to gates closing each night. Any vehicle leaving the campground must obtain a Return Pass for either a car/truck or a motorcycle. You cannot return to the campground without this pass. Gate hours are: 8am to Midnight, Monday through Friday; 5:30am to Midnight, Saturday and Sunday; 8am to Noon on Monday. Jamboree In The Hills reserves the right to re-sell any space left unattended overnight without a permitted camper. Signs or staking of areas is not acceptable. NO EXCEPTIONS. Campers losing their space forfeit all camping privileges without refund. Any person possessing counterfeit camping permits or return passes will be ejected without refund and may be subject to prosecution.

Remote parking zones have been established for campers with an extra vehicle for an additional fee for the entire week or weekend. Parking zones are remote and may require you to use Jamboree In The Hills shuttle buses. These lots operate under the same hours as the campground gates. Camping is not permitted in these areas, and vehicles not displaying a remote parking pass will be towed at the owner’s expense. Vehicles with remote passes will not be permitted to enter the campgrounds.

Campground hosts are located at each campground entrance. They are at your service 24 hours a day and have instant radio communications with the proper authorities. Additional security personnel are constantly roaming the grounds via cruiser or horse. Should you see any situation requiring attention, please bring it to the attention of security or your campground host. A 24 hour medical facility is located inside the concert area near Gate #1.

Free shuttle service is provided for those campers parked in remote parking as well as Campgrounds D and E. Continuous shuttle service will be available during campground gate hours. All persons walking or riding the shuttle bus do so at their own risk.

Please arrive with a full tank. Temporary water tanks and trucks are on site for your convenience. Campers requiring water tanks filled for free may leave notes in their windshields: "Need Water." Service is limited. Water will not be provided for swimming pools, truck beds, etc. unless all camping units have been serviced. NO hot tubs or Jacuzzis will be permitted into the campgrounds. Please do not bathe in any of the temporary water tank areas. Please note that if you place a “Need Water” sign in front of your camper, and you are not present, that you release Jamboree In The Hills, Live Nation, its employees and contractors of all liability.

Ohio law states that all RV owners are required to dump their holding tanks prior to their departure from Jamboree In The Hills. Procedures are posted in these areas. If asked, HP Septic sanitation trucks will pump holding tanks for a small fee while the camper remains in its space. All bath water, dish water, etc., except RV waste water, must be disposed of in the waste water disposal station areas. They are placed throughout the campgrounds for your convenience. Solid waste or raw sewage is prohibited at these stations.

For health and safety reasons, please contain all trash in plastic bags and place adjacent to your camper, near the fire lane, for daily pickup.


  • Outdoor cooking may only be done with a Barbecue unit or an enclosed cooking grill. Open fires are not permitted.
  • Fire lanes must remain free and clear of all objects, obstructions and vehicles.
  • Unauthorized vehicles in these lanes will be towed at the owner’s expense.


Pets are NOT PERMITTED on the Jamboree In The Hills grounds. Anyone found to be in possession of a pet on-site will be evicted.

Please be considerate of your fellow campers. Generators may be run between 7am and midnight and must be attended while operating. Unattended running generators will be shut down.

There are port-a-jons throughout the grounds for your convenience. Shower trailers in all Jamboree In The Hills Campgrounds will be available to all campers – the best part and NEW FOR THIS YEAR...they are FREE!!

All local and state laws and house rules are to be observed while camping at Jamboree In The Hills.

Security personnel will exercise their own judgment concerning disruptive behavior. Non-pressurized spray bottles and squirt guns with finger pump type action are acceptable, as long as you don’t spray anyone without their permission. Other water-spraying devices are not! Security may remove any materials deemed inappropriate, ie: super-soakers, water balloon launchers, indecent displays, etc. Obnoxious behavior and indecent exposure will not be tolerated at any time. Private quad-runners, golf carts and other similar vehicles are prohibited. You will not be permitted to enter the grounds with any non-licensed motorized vehicle.

PLEASE REMEMBER – Your camping ticket does not give you access to the actual event venue. Each person must purchase an event ticket separately.