Exit Gates

Anyone wishing to leave the concert area may do so at anytime. Please remember that you must have a valid Jamboree In The Hills wristband to re-enter the venue. State law prohibits anyone from leaving the concert area with any opened container. Please discard them in the trash before entering or leaving the venue.

For Safety's Sake

Our annual rules for everyone’s safety and enjoyment:

  • Absolutely no kegs, glass containers, funnels or “beer bongs” will be permitted through the gates
  • No metal flagpoles, firearms, fireworks, pressurized containers, motorized vehicles, motorized carts or dollies are permitted on site.
  • Please use ONLY water in your bottles! Do not spray anyone without their consent)
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Designated Drivers

Jamboree In The Hills supports the Designated Driver concept! We urge you to decide in advance who will be your group’s designated driver.



Unique to our festival is our photo aisle located directly in front of the stage. This allows fans the opportunity to get some amazing pictures of your favorite artist. Video cameras and audio recorders are strictly prohibited and will be confiscated! Please remember to take your photo and keep walking so that all of our other fans get a chance to take a picture too!


The weather is usually sunny, with temperatures in the high 80’s. We advise you to use lots of sunscreen and drink plenty of water! Be prepared for sudden summer rains. The show will go on if at all possible! If the conditions deteriorate to the point that the public’s safety is at risk, the show may be delayed or canceled for that day. Please listen to the directions given by announcers and security during such times.


Security personnel are on duty around the clock throughout the grounds for the entire week. Your cooperation with them is greatly appreciated! Please report any incident to either a uniformed Deputy Sheriff or to an Event Staff employee.

First Aid

The event is completely equipped with emergency ambulances and a Medical Facility Tent (located near GATE #1 in the main concert area). Make note of its location when you arrive on-site. The Medical Facility Tent is staffed and equipped to handle minor injuries, accidents and other emergencies. There is NO fee for any medical service received on-site. In the event of a problem, please seek out our medical staff patrolling the venue (BLUE EVENT STAFF SHIRTS) for assistance. Over the counter medicines will not be provided at the Medical Facility but can be purchased at one of our general stores on-site.


We respect the law at Jamboree In The Hills. All local, state and federal laws are to be obeyed.

Patrons under the age of 21 are not permitted to consume any alcohol while on the Jamboree In The Hills grounds. Providing a minor with alcohol is also illegal. Use of any illegal drugs, drunken and/or obnoxious behavior and activities will not be tolerated. All persons attending Jamboree In The Hills do so at their own risk. No liability is assumed by owners, managers, promoters, sponsors or others. Please do not trespass, litter or block our friendly neighbor’s driveways. Selling of unauthorized merchandise or services is prohibited while on the Jamboree In The Hills grounds. Anyone caught engaged in such activity will be prosecuted.

Please follow our rules & have an amazing time in Jamboree In The Hills!