Jamboree In The Hills features primarily festival style seating with ample room for your lawn chair or blanket.

My ticket has a seat location, where is my seat?

Jamboree In The Hills is primarily general admission/festival style seating with ample room for your tarp, blanket or lawn chair. For everyone’s safety, those who designate their seating area should only use a lawn blanket or approved tarp.

  • The maximum size for any individual tarp/blanket is 8X10 (no exceptions will be made).
  • Caution tape and other similar materials may NOT be used to designate your group’s seating area. (Please see rules below for the Redneck Run).
  • Shade umbrellas, canopies or any other obstruction limiting the view of our spectators will NOT be permitted within the general seating area.

We offer a designated canopy section within the concert area for the comfort of some of our fans. The maximum size of a permissible canopy is 10 X 10 in this section. Wooden and metal stakes are prohibited. You may use plastic stakes to hold your canopy ONLY in place for the concert. Event Management serves the right to ask spectators to remove any items that obstruct viewing or that may be objectionable. Please respect the views of those seated behind you!

Jamboree In The Hills offers a limited reserved seating section inside the venue area. When facing the stage, it is located to the right side of the venue. Transferrable laminated passes are issued to each reserved ticket holder. Coolers in this section must fit underneath a standard lawn chair.

What is the "Redneck Run"?

There is no other venue where you can get the chance on a daily basis to have the best seat in the house. The Redneck Run is a Jambotradition that takes places every morning (during show days) at the following times. Thursday – 8am, Friday – 8am, Saturday – 8am, & Sunday – 8am.

Redneck Run Rules:

To be a part of the Redneck Run you must meet all the following requirements:

  • You MUST be wearing your official wristband!
  • You MUST be wearing proper shoes (no flip-flops please!)
  • You MUST be carrying only an 8X10 tarp ONLY
  • You can re-enter after the run to setup shop for the day!
  • You MUST LOVE & RESPECT your neighbor!
  • You MUST be pumped & ready to rock!
  • You MUST RUN, RUN, RUN!!